St Kitts cricket team

We are sharing our archival gem, this week to honor past cricketers and to improve the listings of our holdings.   Our photograph is probably the oldest cricket photo in our collection that is in analog format rather than digital.  Because Administrator Howard is seated in the front row, we know that this had to have been taken between 1956 and 1966.  We recognize Captain McMahon holding the shield and St. Clair Phillip and Leroy Coury in the back row.  We are hoping for  a more precise date and the identification of the other members of the team.

Thanks to Charles Wilkin who identifies the team members

Front row (left to right)- Clement Rogers, Frederick Kelsick, George Mc Mahon, Henry Howard, “Bukra” Warner

Back row  (left to right) – Eugene Edwards, St. Clair Phillip, Cecil Maynard, Len Harris, Leroy Coury, Will Samuels, Jim Maynard, Jackie Robinson, Vincent Demming.