Search Room Regulations

– Items will be issued only after the researcher has completed and signed the access application form, which confirms that the he or she has read and understood both the conditions of access to the Archives and the regulations regarding their use, and has agreed to abide by them on this and all further visits.

– Consultation of archival material must take place in the designated area under the direct control and supervision of the staff.

– No item can be removed from the Reading Room.

– Bags must be deposited in the area provided. Readers should allow bags, containers, books and other possessions to be searched by Archives staff upon request.

– Mobile phones must be switched off.

– Tape recorders, digital cameras and laptop computers may be used by special arrangement with the staff.

– Only pencils may be used for note-taking.

– Items liable to cause damage to archival documents may not be brought into proximity of the archival material, consumed, or used in the Reading Room. This includes food, drink, ball point pens, fiber or felt tip pens, fluorescent and other markers, fountain pens, ink, sharp instruments, erasers, correction fluids or adhesives of any kind.

– A consultation slip must be completed by the researcher and signed for each item requested before it will be produced.

– Only one box or two files or volumes can be produced at a time for each user.

– Items must be handled with great care and must not be marked, folded, annotated or torn in any way.

– Readers must not change the order of any documents, or disassemble any files, or add to or remove any documents. Items which may seem to be out of order should be reported to the staff immediately.

– Items can be examined only by the researcher who ordered them. They should be returned to the issue desk by the researcher whenever he/she leaves the archives building.

– Items that are too fragile for production will not be produced for research.

– Where they exist, Microfilm or digital copies of archival records will be made available in place of the original materials.

– Photocopies may be obtained at the discretion of the Archivist. Please ask at the Reception Desk for assistance. Standard Charges Apply.

– Copies of archival records made available to researchers are not to be further reproduced in any form, or for any reason without the permission of the Director of Archives.

– The Director of Archives reserves the right at all times to withdraw material from use when such use will adversely effect the physical preservation of material.

– Researchers must respect the right of other library users to an undisturbed environment.