Conditions for publishing of Archival Material

1. Permission to publish or display reproductions of material in the National Archives requires written application and the payment of a user fee.
2. Permission is for one time use only. Re-use or resale is not allowed without the specific authorization of the National Archives.
3. Permission is granted only to the applicant and is non-transferable.
4. Applicable fees are as follows:

– Commercial uses $50.00 per item
– Non-commercial uses $15.00 per item

5. The user fee is separate from and should not be confused with charges for the reproduction of material.
6. User fees may be waived at the discretion of the Director of Archives.
7. All material used in publication/exhibition/production must use the credit line “Courtesy of the National Archives, St. Kitts.”
8. In authorizing the publication of any material in which it owns copyright, the National Archives, does not surrender its own right to publish or grant others permission to do so.
9. In case of copyright held by another party, the applicant must secure written permission from the copyright holder and submit proof of it being granted with this application
10. The National Archives reserves the right to refuse reproduction of material if it believes any of the following

– Reproduction would be a violation of copyright or other laws.
– Reproduction could violate policies and/or procedures of the National Archives.
– Reproduction may violate expectation of privacy.

11. The negatives, transparencies and scans of all material in the National Archives made at the applicant’s request, remain the property of the National Archives.
12. Reproduction is permitted only from photographic and electronic materials supplied by the National Archives.
13. Material must be reproduced without alterations. If the material is a photographic image, requests to alter the image, including cropping, bleeding, overlapping, detail only, enhancement, etc must be indicated on the PERMISSION TO PUBLISH/USE FORM and approved by the Director of Archives.

One complementary copy of the publication in which the record is used should be submitted for retention by the National Archives.