Q: Do I need an appointment to come and do research?
A: It is not necessary. However because space is extremely limited, making an appointment will help avoid disappointments.

Q: When do your records start?
A: The bulk of the collection starts from 1728.

Q: I am researching the 17th century, do you have records that will help me?
Locally created records for the period seem to have been destroyed in the battles between the English and French on the island. We do have some microfilms of records in other archives that may be of assistance. Please contact us for details.

Q: Are all the records available for consultation?
A: No some records are very fragile and will not be produced. St. Kitts Nevis still abides by the 30 year rule. That means that a file cannot be consulted by the public up to 30 years after it has been closed. Files containing personal information have a longer closure period.

Q: Will the National Archives do research for me?
A: Because of staff limitations we usually recommend that you engage the services of a free lance researcher.

Q: What records do you have that will help me do family history research?
A: We hold Birth and Marriage records starting from 1859 up to 1930. Marriage registration stated in 1881.   However we also hold marriage bonds and oaths. See Marriage Licences  Bonds and Oaths and Petitions for Special Licences
We also have records for Springfield Cemetery.
Newspapers in our collection carry information that can be useful and sometimes list persons who were arriving or departing the island.
We also hold lists of persons who worked in the civil service.
We do not have census and migrations records. Census data was analysed abroad up to 1991. It is not know whether migration records were ever kept.

Q: What should I do if I want to check the date of birth or parents of an ancestor born before 1859?
A: The churches on the island hold baptismal or christening record that pre-date 1859.

Q: Will the National Archives issue a certificate of birth, marriage or death?
A: No, we are not authorised to do that. To obtain a certificates apply in writing to

The Registrar General,
PO Box 236
Basseterre Health Centre,
Connell Street,

You will have to include a notarised letter explaining who you are and why you need the certificate, a fee of US$3.00 either in cash or as an international money order and a covering letter giving your full mailing address. Should you need further information you can call 869 467 1324 or 869-467-1173.

Q: Do you have records relating to Nevis?
A: We have civil registration records for Nevis. We also hold record that make mention of Nevis. All land records were created and kept in Nevis. We do not hold records relating to the administration of the island accept for the period 1881 to 1980.