Conservation of the Original Register of Slaves 1817

The National Archives proudly announces the return of the Original Register of Slaves 1817. This volume was the first complete census of the enslaved populations of St. Kitts. It records the name, age, sex, colour, place of origin, and occupation of the individuals and groups them together under the name of the person for whom they worked. It is an invaluable resource for historical research. In 2017, the volume went on special exhibition at the National Museum to commemorate the 200 years of its compilation. This often emotional event highlighted the value of the Register and of the other volumes that came after it, in some cases.
The conservation project could not have happened without the assistance of individual who recognize the value of heritage for education, culture, tourism and national identity. The National Archives would like to thank His Excellency Sir Tapley Seaton, Governor General for his intervention in finding the resources to conserve the Register and to ensure its safe travels. Dr. Robertine Chaderton, Chair of SIDF facilitated the financial backing. Anne Bancroft of Barbados and London was our conservator who not only worked on the volume but ensured that we were aware of the conservation work that was being performed on it Dr Kevin Isaac, High Commissioner for St. Kitts and Nevis in London,ensured the safe transportation of the volume. We are also very grateful to the National Museum for the exhibition that helped us make this project a reality.
The volume can be viewed by appointment at the National Archives, Government Headquarters.