Creator:Nicholas Sanson, (1600-1667), cartographer
Abraham Peyrounin, (1620-1666), engraver
Title:Carte de Isle de Sainct Christophle
Publicationchez Mariette (A Paris), 1656
Descriptionengraved and hand tinted map, 42 x 49 cm
Shelf Mark:VCSK/01

Creator:Andrew Norwood (1623-1686)
John Thornton (1641-1708)
Title:A new Mapp of the Island of St Christophers, being anactuall Survey taken by Andrew Norwood, Surveyor-General. New Map of the Island of Guardalupa. ; New Map of the Island of Martineca.
Publication:London: [1780] sold by W Mount and T Page in Tower Hill
Description:Atlas maritimus or, the sea-atlas : being a book of maratime (sic) charts describing the coasts, capes, headlands, sands, shoals, rocks and dangers, the bays, roads, harbours, rivers, and ports in most of the known parts of the world : with the true course and distances from one place to anot., gathered from the latest discoveries that hath been made, by divers[e], able and experienced navigators of our English nation, accommodated with an hidrographical (sic) description of the whole world &c.
Shelf Mark:VCSK/02

Creator:Sornique, Dominique (1708-1756)
Title:Carte de lisle de Saint Christophle / J. Sornique sculp.
Publication:France: 1742
Description15 x 26.5 cm
Notes:scan only
Shelf Mark:VCSK/04

Creator:Anthony Ravell, Surveyor General
Thomas Jefferys, engraver
Title:St. Christophers, or St. Kitts, Surveyed by Anthony Ravell Esqr. Surveyor General of the ISlands of St. Christophers, Nevis and Montserat
Publication:London by Richard H Laurie, Fleet Street. Improved edition 1865
Description:includes inset of Nevis. 47 x 62 cm
Scale:1 inch to app. 0.75 mile
Shelf Mark:VCSK/05 image not available

Creator:Lieutenant Samuel BAKER
Title:A new and exact map of the island of St. Christopher in America, according to an actual and accurate survey made in the year 1753. Describing the several parishes, with their respective limits, contents, & churches; also the high ways, the situation of every gentleman’s plantation, mills, and houses; with the rivers, and gutts. Likewise the bays, roads, rocks, shoals and soundings that surround the whole.
Publication:London, Printed for Carington Bowles and Robt. Wilkinson [1754]
Description:142 x 113 cm.
Scale:2inches to 1 mile
Notes:shows plantation owners
Shelf Mark:VCSK/ 06 - available as a photograph or scan only

Creator:Jacques Nicolas BELLIN (1703-1772)
Title:Carte de de [sic] l’Isle St. Christophe, pour servir à l’Histoire génle. des voyages. Par M. B., ingr. de la marine.
Publication:Paris [1780]
Description:19.5 x 30.7 cm
Notes:Appears in Jean François de La Harpe's Abrégé de l'histoire générale des voyages ... Atlas. 1780.
Shelf Mark:VCSK/07

Title:Map of the Island of St. Christopher’s
Publication:London: John Stockdale, 1794
Notes:for the History ... of the British Colonies in the West Indies ... By Bryan Edwards, Esq
Shelf Mark:VCSK/08

Creator:William McMAHON
Title:A New Topographical Map of the Island of Saint Christopher in the West Indies decribing all plantations with their respective boundaries, the parishes, churches, towns, rivers, gutts, highways &c by William McMahon, surveyor of the island the whole accurately laid down in the year 1828
Publication:Edward Stanford, 26 & 27 Cockspur Street, Charing Cross, 1828
Description:1 map on 4 sheets : 134.5 x 180 cm (dissected)
Scale:[1:12 000]
Notes:Inset: The South East part of the Island, on the same scale; 66 x 49 cm.
Shows acreages of plantations; list of land-owners
Shelf Mark:VCSK/09

Creator:Major J. A. BURDON 1866-1933
Title:St. Christopher or St. Kitts
Publication:London: War Office, 1920.
Description:17 x 21 in.
Notes:inset Plan of Basseterre. 4.5 x 5.5 in.
Shelf Mark:VCSK/10

Creator:Fielding Lucas Jr
Title:St. Christophers
Publication:Baltimore, 1823
Description:coloured print, 22.2 cm x 30.5 cm
Scale:1: 40,39
Notes:published in A General Atlas Containing Distinct Maps Of all the Known Countries in the World, Constructed from the Latest Authority. Written and Engraved by Jos. Perkins, Philadelphia. Baltimore: Published by Fielding Lucas, Jun. No. 138, Market Street. Baltimore. Entered ... by F. Lucas Jr. of the State of Maryland June 3, 1823
Shelf Mark:VCSK/11

Creator:John THOMSON
Title:St. Christopher, St Lucia, Nevis
Description:23 x 19.5 inches
Notes:Prepared for New General Atlas, Edinburgh, 1817
Shelf Mark:VCSK/12

Title:La Barbade une des Antilles aux Anglois, divisée par paroisses
Publication:Paris, Chez Crepy, 1767
Description:hand coloured: 27.2 x 20.2cm
Notes:Includes inset "Isle St. Christophle [sic] une des Antilles aux Anglois."
Shelf Mark:VCSK/13

Creator:Waterlows and Son
Title:St. Christopher and Nevis, Leeward Island Colony
Publication:Waterlow and Son, London, [1911]
Description:coloured print, 20cm x 13.2cm
Scale:1inch:4.25 miles
Notes:shows parishes, main roads, underwater telegraph cables.
Shelf Mark:VCSKN/01

Creator:Major J. A. BURDON, administrator
Title:The Presidency of St. Kitts-Nevi
Publication:London: War Office, 1920.
Description:48.7 x 36 cm.
Scale:1 inch = 2 miles
Notes:inset - Anguilla and Dependencies,
Inset - Presidency and neighboring islands
Shelf Mark:VCSKNA/01

Creator:John Alexander BURKE ILES
Title:Map of the Island of Nevis
Publication:2nd January, 1871

3 miles to 1 inch
Notes:"An account descriptive of the Island of Nevis, W.I."
Shelf MarkVCN/01