The Tiniest Letter

It has been a while since our last gem.  We have been busy doing other things and especially working on the new website  However this item simply had to be shared.

Assistant Archivist, Mavis Johnson Vaughan is currently cleaning up some personnel files that came to us from the Police Force some years ago.  She is smoothing out the creases, and removing all rusty paper clips and treasury tags.  She is also listing them so that they can be retrieved if we have family history queries.  It was while doing this that she found this tiny letter. The name of the subject has been redacted.

The interesting thing about this item is not its content but its format.  The piece of paper on which the note was written is not even 4 inches square.   It is even smaller when folded and yet that is how it was mailed.  The stamp was actually attached to the flimsy paper to keep it from opening up.  There was no envelop.  It took over a year to reach its destination.  One can only imagine where it could have been hiding for that length of time.  And yet the Post Office managed to deliver it without any damage.  So far it seems to be the tiniest document in our collection!