These relate mainly to minutes of meetings and proceedings of various commissions and committees
Journal of Proceeding of the Commissioners for the disposal of crown lands in St. Christopher, formerly belonging to the French1726-17321 vol
Minutes of meetings of the Vestry of St. George’s, Basseterre.1840-18481 vol
Commissioners to superintend the labour of the convict gang. Minutes of meetings and accounts1815-18181 vol
Master roll of Carpenters employed at St. George’s, Basseterre.1870 Feb-Dec1 vol
Minutes of meetings of Committee appointed to consider the question of lighting Government House and the Cunningham Hospital by electricity.19201 vol
Minutes of meetings of the Supplies Control Advisory Board1942-19511 vol
Minutes of meetings of the Sandy Point-Dieppe Bay water Commissioners1885-19381 vol
Correspondence to and from the Northern District Water Commissioners12 pages