D1 Marriage Licences, Bonds and Oaths and Petitions for Special Licences

The bonds were given to indemnify the authorities against damages should a licence be found to have been issued improperly, owing to the existence of a lawful impediment to a proposed marriage. They run with omissions from 1771 to 1836. There are also two bonds executed in 1899.

The oaths were sworn by the prospective groom, or bride before the Registrar-in-Ordinary to affirm that no impediment existed of kindred or alliance to the proposed marriage and testifying to his, or his future bride’s, place of abode.

The class also includes a number of petitions 1918 to 1922, under the Marriage Ordinance 1915, seeking to grant a special licence.
Bonds1771-18366 vols
Oath Books1845-19223 vols
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